Hey all,

Yesterday, suddenly, clutch pedal intermittently became floppy and started staying at the floor (when car was cold and warm). I was able to 'pull' clutch pedal up with toes and it became more usable for a while and then end up back at the floor. Now, today, it is worse and needed RAC call out to tow. The dash was bleeping up with 'STOP'/'Braking Fault'. I can't engage gears at all now. RAC towed me but wasn't sure what it was specifically. A couple of times, as it has an electronic handbrake, it was struggling to pull away/disengage the brake.The RAC guy says it *could* be a worn clutch and cost between 400-700, but can they really go that quickly? Garage I phoned said it could be slave cylinder, which they said would cost £1000+. I couldn't see any patches of fluid on the floor at home where it's stayed for a few hours.Any ideas?

Please help.

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