I am building up a mobile QA division from scratch, this includes setting up an automation framework/infrastructure. I have experience using UI Automation (Apple)/ Illuminator for iOS and Robotium for Android. I am debating setting up a framework that is geared for each respective platform, such as the ones mentioned or setting up a single framework such as Appium. The positives I see for setting up separate frameworks are:
1) Each framework is designed for each platform (i.e., Xcode has test automation built into it, Robotium is designed for Android)
2) If help is needed it is much easier to talk to Dev about their own platform (i.e., will get more help from iOS dev about Xcode/swift vs Appium)
However, I think the idea of one framework (i.e., Appium) is fascinating in the sense of using one API which leads to more code re-use.
What does everything think about this topic? If you have used both systems, which worked better for you? If you have used one system, what was your experience with it?

Please help.

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